Chord Overstreet’s on Darren/Blaine/Klaine from the “Tested” livetweet.

对某人自己也说了glee在年龄问题上处理得不是很恰当,所以不是没可能~但是就是怕lea阿姨自己觉得有被冒犯到,跟andrew rannells被说希望演cooper跟blaine的爸爸一样

I see~~~~

I agree! That’d be some kind of musical magic if they met. I went to see Daley love when he was in Chicago last Friday…

actually it’s not like Darren would listen to a lot of R&B/Soul music so yea it would be musical magic if they met lol

and that’s great you went to his show! Sometimes I get really unhappy that I can’t go to his shows since I’m not from US nor UK….and I don’t think it’s possible that he would come here to put on a show (well…who knows, he might one day! “Good things come to those who wait”! lol)

mobio insider,http://darrencrissnews.com/post/75763871572/darrens-q-a-february-5-2014-part-2

啊 我記得我有看過這~可是他這樣說的話也不是完全沒有可能啊, 你也知道ND的年齡跟Glee cast那實際年齡的差距 lolololol


??我怎麼覺得這段我好像有看過但又沒什麼印象?? ?? 哪段訪問的??


啊哈哈哈哈你這形容!!!!! 那不然我跟她說求她快去演Mrs Anderson好了!!!